Succulent Frame


My friend and I made this succulent frame a little over a year ago. First of all, everything in the frame is fake! I have seen frames like this with real succulents, they look awesome but I think it would be a pain to water and keep alive.

Quick Tutorial:

Head to Hobby Lobby, they had everything I needed to make this frame. Make sure to get lots of succulents, moss, some spray adhesive and a hot glue gun. I found this frame on sale because the art inside had been damaged, just make sure there is a surface where you can put your adhesive. Spray the adhesive all over the frame and quickly add a light layer of moss to cover up the background surface. Arrange your succulents how you want and then hot glue them so they are completely stable. If you have any heavy succulents you can use some floral wire for extra stability (thats what I used for the biggest air plant on top). Fill in any holes with your leftover moss, using the spray adhesive or hot glue to secure it.

This frame makes my small living space look brighter and has held up pretty well over time. Pieces have fallen off before of i just quickly glue it back on, it doesn't take much time.

Eleah Loucks1 Comment