My Reusable Coffee Cup

I absolutely love going to coffee shops… you probably already knew that. One of my favorite experiences is exploring a new city with coffee in my hand.

I have been trying to remember to take my reusable coffee cup with me whenever I go out because I don’t want to waste the coffee cups that shops provide especially because I go to so many coffee shops. I think it is finally a habit for me and here is what helped me get started!

Find your perfect coffee cup

It’s kind of nice to have my own special coffee cup to drink out of when I go out. I have actually found that I enjoy drinking coffee out of my favorite coffee cup much more than a disposable one.


I love small coffee cups. I found my perfect coffee cup at Intelligentsia in LA. I wanted a coffee cup that was small but also was from one of my favorite shops of all time. I took some time to research my coffee cup to make sure that this would be the cup that I would want to take everywhere with me so I could avoid using disposable cups. Once I got this cup in the mail I immediately fell in love with the size and it’s so easy to tuck into my backpack or purse. I ended up being gifted a second one which is perfect because now Jared and I have matching little coffee cups. The only downside I would say is that this cup doesn’t seal at the top, other than that this cup is perfect for me!

Get used to taking it with you

eleah2 (1 of 1).JPG

Before I leave the house each day I try to think through my plans and if I will be needing my coffee cup (most days the answer is YES). I have gotten used packing it in my purse or backpack every day so its really doesn’t bother me or weigh it down. I would recommend getting a small coffee cup so its easy to take places. I really don’t drink more than one cup a day so using a tiny cup doesn’t bother me at all.

When I go on trips I typically try to take my coffee cup with me because I know that I will be drinking coffee out even more than normal. It’s nice to have a little piece of home that goes with me everywhere.

It saves money

Most coffee shops knock anywhere from ten cents to a dollar off your drink with you bring your own cup. If you think about it, it adds up to quite a bit over time and it totally worth it!

Eleah Loucks