A Simplified Wardrobe


The main reason I enjoy a simplified wardrobe is because I get to wear my favorite clothes every day. I don’t count the number of shoes that I have or limit myself to own a certain amount of tops. I simply just keep items of clothes in my wardrobe that I love. My fashion & style has completely changed since I started simplifying my wardrobe and it has been a very rewarding journey. Here are some of the main benefits I have noticed so far!


I finally found my style

I was pretty lost with my style until I started simplifying my wardrobe. I would buy item’s just because I thought they looked nice and were “stylish” without really knowing what that meant for me. I would end up dissatisfied with my purchase because I’d change my mind or couldn’t find other items in my wardrobe to complete the outfit. Because I own less now, I have put in so much more thought into what styles I like and why. When I am looking for a new piece of clothing to buy it is so much simpler and less stressful now because I know what styles and colors I like. I have found a color palette that I like and almost everything I own goes together.

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It’s so easy to figure out what to wear

I love getting ready in the morning. I am no longer stressed or sad when it comes to fancy events feeling like I don’t have anything to wear. I know exactly what I have in my closet and everything that goes together. Currently, I have chosen a very neutral color palette and usually I choose once accent color for each season. At the moment it is mustard yellow, can you tell? Having a closet with only items I love that all fit into a color palette makes me so happy. When I open my closet everyday I feel at peace instead of being stressed out. Just that feeling of peace alone makes it worth it to simplify.


I purchase higher quality items

I find that the less items I have the easier it is to choose items that I will wear all the time. For example, I only have three jackets. I spent about a year and a half searching for the perfect peacoat for my shape and preferences. I wanted a longer peacoat that was black, soft and wouldn’t pill or collect hair easily. I tried at least fifty coats on and none of them were quite right. Finally a discovered a line called Fluerette that make peacoats with a mixture of wool and cashmere. I tried some on and immediately knew I found my perfect peacoat. Unfortunately the peacoat was more than a thousand dollars and I knew that wasn't going to be in my price range any time soon. I decided to take a look on eBay and found a brand new Fluerette Peacoat that was my size for a quarter of the retail price. I ordered it and it truly has been my perfect peacoat. I wear it pretty much every day from November to May and it keeps me warm in freezing temperatures. Purchases like that are so worth the wait and research. I’d much rather have one coat that I absolutely love than five that I’m just ok with.

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I enjoy doing laundry

I LOVE folding my laundry! We currently live in an apartment without a washer & dryer so we have to put some strategy in on the timing & frequency we do laundry. We usually do one load a week on the weekend. Jared’s job is to go do the laundry and my job is to fold and put everything away. Marie Kondo’s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up has really changed the experience of folding and the how I fold my clothes. When I fold my clothes I am more careful because I love each item and want it to last longer. Folding doesn’t take me longer that 20-30 minutes because there really isn’t that much to fold. I also find it relaxing and rewarding when all of my clothes are neatly folded and put away in my drawers.


Do you want to simplify?

Are you trying to simplify your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below how your journey is going or if you have any questions!

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