My Minimalist Kitchen

I have loved having a super simple kitchen for the last few years. I have gotten rid of so many kitchen gadgets that I don’t need and I never have any problem with storage space in the tiny kitchens I have had. As you probably already know, I love to cook so having the right equipment is extremely important to me so that I can cook the things that I want. I made a few key changes that has made is easy to keep my kitchen uncluttered.


Keep only enough dish sets out for two (or how many people live in your home)


Jared was actually the one with this idea. One day I came home from work and he had hidden all of the dished & utensils except for two sets. I wasn't very happy at the time but I decided to give it a try and ended up liking how easy it was to just wash the dishes that we used daily instead of having a pile up of dishes because we had procrastinated on cleaning & putting away. We store our extra dishes in separate cupboard. It’s so easy to just pull out the extra dishes when we have people over.


Don’t use your dishwasher

If you think about the time it takes to rinse off your dishes, load them into the dishwasher and then empty out the dishwasher it seems like it would take the same amount of time if not less to just wash the dishes and put them away. Especially if you only have two sets of dishes to clean. I know of large families who don’t use a dishwasher and love it. Here’s an example of one!


Keep your spices & flours simple

Mason jars have really changed my life is this area. I use the large half gallon mason jars for my flours and smaller ones for other kitchen staples that I need less of. Although I have a lot of flour's & spices I can see exactly what I have in my cupboard and what i’m out of. I use this label maker for my mason jars and other household things.


Get rid of gadgets you don’t use often

This one can be difficult because there is always the thought that I might need “this gadget” in the future. The rule I try to go by is called the 20/20 rule. If there is an item I don’t regularly use that is less than 20 dollars that could be replaced in less than 20 minutes by going to the store then i get rid of it. I think of it as me paying the stores to stock those items so I dont have to clutter up my kitchen. Most of the time you’ll find that you really didn’t need that item anyway. I have gotten rid of gadgets in the past and ended up repurchasing them but there are way more things that I have gotten rid of and never needed again.

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